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Physical inactivity and obesity are two of the greatest health risks facing our children today. 

Recent statistics show that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years due to a lack of physical activity and a knowledge of nutrition. According to the most recent CDC data, the prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 to 11 years old increased from 6.5% in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008. The prevalence of obesity among adolescent children, ages 12 to 19 years, increased from 5.0% to 18.1% in the same time period.  Even though obesity trends have leveled off in the last few years, it is believed that about 85% of obese children will remain this way without the proper guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. In low-income minority communities, where many other disparities are present, such as youth violence this problem is even more prevalent due to the lack of access to recreation centers.  Our programs seek to address many of the problems associated with these disparities by using health and fitness education and activities to address these issues on the front end. 

To end this, Mrs. Tina Brown used her certifications as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Life Wellness Coach, experience in Clinical Research, and her background in health disparities as well as her 28 years of U.S. military service to create The Camps at Coldspring.  Since June of 2009, the state-certified youth camp has successfully operated in the Coldspring Community Center in an area well suited for the program because of the many amenities such as a softball field, a community swim and tennis club, walking trails, and two large sports fields.  In our ten years of operation, we have served over 500 children and youth in the Baltimore community and the camp has been highly successful in increasing the activity, body composition, and knowledge of nutrition of the youth involved.  Our program provides community service learning hours to youth volunteers (ages 13 - 15) supports the Baltimore City Youth Works program and provides work experience for college interns as well.  The Fitness Fun Day Camp owes its success in part to the Sports and Fitness education curriculum called The SPARK Family Program and its nutrition education program as well.  Our partners and sponsors include Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s Weigh Smart Program, Sinai Pediatrics, etc. In addition to the curriculum, campers also participate in fitness activities that involve plyometrics,  body weight training, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, calisthenics, and other fitness activities. When campers are not actively engaged, they receive detailed nutrition lesson and learning labs in math and reading to help them maintain educational gains throughout the summer months.  This year we plan to offer more specialized athletic programs in tennis, swimming, soccer, and softball in addition to our basketball and track and field programs.

"Staff members were very warm, welcoming, and professional. We are definitely looking forward to camp this summer!"

Our Staff

Divine Fitness has been creating innovative community-based physical fitness and health education programs since 2003. The company is owned and operated by Mrs. Tina Brown, who has a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences from the George Washington University with a concentration in Clinical Research Administration (2007), specializing in Health Disparities in Minorities which is the basis for our business ventures. Mrs. Brown also holds various fitness certifications: Kids and Teens Fitness; Older Adult Fitness; Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching and Advanced Personal Fitness Training to name a few. Through Divine Fitness, Mrs. Brown believes that fitness and health education will help to change the landscape of health and fitness in our communities, as well as our health care system, and to that end, she has continually served the local community with programs such as Annual Community Health and Fitness Programs, and Sports and Fitness Programs for kids and adults.

Ms. Nicashia Thomas of “Nicashia Creates”, is a local artist who also has a degree in Early Child Development with a minor in Child Psychology, will be working to assist me in creating and operating my childcare center.  She will also be assisting with my summer camp as in years prior, and she will also be providing art and therapeutic art classes for our clientele, as well as participating in holding events such as paint and sips and other community events. 

Our Summer Staff consists of: 

  • approximately ten College Interns with majors such as Nutrition, Sports Management, Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, etc.
  • ten to fifteen Youth Workers from Baltimore City's Youth Works program
  • several (15-16-year-oldYouth-Counselors in Training.

"When Tre' Jones first sent his son, Tyson to Fitness Fun Day Camp, he wasn’t sure what to expect; however he grew to love coming to camp and his parents stated he would rise early and get dressed every day and say, 'I'm ready to go to camp'."

Assistant Directors

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Divine Fitness and Health Services, Inc. is a for-profit, woman, minority, and veteran-owned health promotions organization in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Last year was T’s first year with Mrs. Brown, and he absolutely loved the camp! He liked the workers and his fellow campers. His favorite part was swim time! He asked me on the last day of camp if he could come back next year."